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Collection of Romantic Love Notes. Love notes that express true love in just a few words. Post your love notes here! It can be in the form of quotes, poems, letters, messages or just simple love notes to show and tell your loved ones, family, friends how much you care and love them. Just the perfect and precise thing to do! We also have a special love dedications section where your loved ones can view your love notes instantly here on the homepage!

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 Valentine's Day Dedications!

Dedicated to: unknown
From: Jone Lee

"If there was one star in the night sky for everytime i thought of you, there wouldnt nearly be enough, not even if you times them by two."

"To the girl i see everywhere,
If i could do one thing for you i would hold you till you knew everything was ok.
If you could do one thing for me, i would never ask but all i would want is for you to talk to me."

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Internet Love
One Tear

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If only one star would fall every time I miss you, then all the stars in heaven would be gone.
Don't wonder if there are no stars tonight! It's your fault coz you made me miss you a lot.

When all seems lost and lonely for you
And you don't really know what to do
Look inside your heart and see
There in a special place, I will be

If someone would ask me what a beautiful life means, I would lean my head on your shoulder and hold you close to me and answer with a smile: "Like this!"

True love is hard to find, special one, one of a kind. I know because it appeared to me on a strange day I met you.

If a raindrop would mean ... I love you and you would ask me how much I love you, i bet you that it would …. rain all day!

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"Love makes life so confusing, but without love would you really want to live? "

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 Latest Friendship Quote

"People never know how special someone is until they leave, but maybe sometimes its important to leave, so they are given that chance to see how special that someone really is! "

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