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 Birthday Dedications


 Birthday Dedications

Dedicated to: My True Love
From: Dave

To the most beautiful, smart, sexy woman I know.
You are my best friend, my dream come true,
and my one true love. Thank you for being you.

Dedicated to: Tyler Baby
From: Uncle Tim & Aunt Denise

Happy 1st Birthday Tyler!
Love, Uncle Tim & Aunt Denise

Dedicated to: One And Only You
From: Carlene

Some people walk in our lives and quickly leave.
Others leave footprints on our souls...
and we are never the same again.
Love, Carlene

Dedicated to: You My Love
From: Silvia xoxo

There is always a purpose, a meaning,
timing has to be just right, and it all began
on the day you were born!
Silvia xoxo

Dedicated to: Our Daughter
From: Mom and Dad

As parents we could not have asked for a more
precious gift than "you,"our beautiful daughter!
Thanks for the memories... Love, Mom and Dad!

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