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 Cheap Date Places


 Cheap Date Places


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Plan a Camping Trip Together - My boyfriend took me camping for the very first time. He thought of everything - the flannel sheets and pillow cases, romantic wines, romantic campfires, the works. He ensured I had all the creature comforts. He showed me, a city girl, the stars and his affection. This was the weekend I told him I loved him for the first time. (Karen)

Make a scavenger hunt - Before the date, buy a dozen roses. Attach a note to each rose telling her where to find the next one. The most fun place to do this is the mall. Most couples go to a particular mall, alot. To find the next rose have her try to remember funny things that happened in those stores. Give each rose to the sales clerk. The last rose should lead her to you, at your favorite mall restaurant, where you will treat her. (Corey)

City high - Go to your local city find the tallest building go to the top and just relax while looking at the city sky line (Rick)

Make em laugh - Take your significant other to a comedy club and have a good laugh. (Rick)

High wishing - Drive to the highest point in your city. Bring a sack of pennies and throw them off the cliff or hill and make wishes for yourself and each. (Joni)

Kickball anyone?! - go to a local park, and take a few of both of your friends, and play a sporty game. ex.- kickball, baseball, softball, football, basketball etc. And after the game, go get a bite to eat as you talk about how fun the game was! (Sara)

Picnic under the stars - Grab some blankets and your favorite dinner. Drive until you find the perfect spot. Have a little bit of good food, cuddling, and conversation. And you can bet they will be wishing on the shooting stars for you. (Ima'gine)

On A Budget Date - When on a limited income, take the money you have on you at the time divide it and go to somewhere like Wal-mart and buy something that reminds you of the other person then get together and show what you found for the other one. (Kim)

Draw Each other! - What's more romantic than to look into your lover's beautiful eyes while you both try to draw each other!? The result is a surprise because whether or not you have art talent, the drawing will be special because it is done by you! (Tony)

Memory book - buy a fancy notebook, fill the pages with photos, write down why that moment was special, why you love him/her, how you felt, write down all the things you wanna say when you feel to shy to say it out, both of you should contribute to the "Memory book"...very romantic!! (Kiara)

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