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 Kisses And Bath


 Kisses And Bath


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Kiss when not expected - Just turn to him or her and give her/him a kiss when they least expect following by "I love you!!" (Katia)

Kissing - When you kiss her, hold and stroke her face, as if you are totally and completely taken by her. (Tunester)

Never fail - hot bubble bath, with wine, soft music and candlelight (Mike)

Rose petal trail - Get home early. Leave a trail of rose petals from the door into the bathroom. Have all lights out except candles. And, a hot bath running with sensual smells. Slowly wash your partner. They will love it! (Becca)

Sleepy Kisses - Hold your partner while they sleep, kiss their forehead and run your fingers through their hair. Wake them up with gentle kisses on the lips. (Melissa)

Listen to eighties - Sit and turn all lights off only light candles listen to love songs and sing to each other (Carrie)

Romance Away - If your significant other is going on a business trip, make little love notes or buy mushy cards and mark them for different days to be opened by your love. If you can, place them in his/her luggage or put together a package and give it to him/her before they go away. You will see how happy this makes them feel and it lets them know that you are always thinking of them :) (Laurence)

Sensual Evening - Before he gets home, blow up 8 balloons, in one have chocolate, in another massage oil, in another lubricant, in another body chocolate, in another condoms, in another a sweet love letter or poem, in another write a sensual and erotic story with the main star him, and in another rose petals with a note burried in them saying " I love you honey ". He'll love it! You dont have to use it all but it gives a hint! (Candie)

Sensual Evening - When he comes home from work have a nice bath ready and have nice bubble bath in it, sprinkle it with rose petals, get his fav drink ready, light candles and join him in the bath, massage him, wash him and afterwards dry him off! (Candie)

Sensual Evening - Before he gets home, have candles lit all over the house, and rose petals in a trail leading to the kitchen table, lie in your sexiest lingerie, in a sexy position and a chocolate cake in front of you with the letters piped in icing saying " Lets make love " and chocolates surrounding you and body chocolate on your body and he won't be able to resist your sweetness. (Candie)

Hair - Wash and comb your woman's hair; she'll love it!

Notes - Stop by his/her work and leave a note on their windshield so that you can put a smile on their face after they have had a long hard day.

Upside-Down Kiss - Most of us have experience with the ``traditional French kiss. Try that ``kiss upside down. It's a pretty awesome``kiss We've found. (Justin)

Hot Underwear!! - Buy a small box and buy tissue paper. Then inside put red and white rose petals. Then place one of your best underwear and spray your perfume. Also put chocolates inside of the box. Add a note saying how much you want him to put back the underwear and take it off. Write down a meeting time and place for a sensous evening. (Alice)

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