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Submit your marriage proposal story here

He took me away from work early on my birthday, and we went to Sunset Cliffs to see the big waves from the storm. Then, he gave me my birthday gift, which was poem he had written for me, and had made all pretty and framed. It was beautiful . . . about how there are a billion stars, but only one shines bright enough for him . . . Then, he said he'd gotten me one other thing, but it was just a little thing, and pulled out my engagement ring! I was shocked speechless, so he said "it goes on this finger," and slid it on my ring finger, then got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I started to cry and said "YES!"

E. G., San Diego, California
  After having talked about marriage for a few months (immediately after we started dating!), he told me he wanted to go look for rings...I was very excited and expected to start "browsing" in the following weeks. That Sunday we had planned on going to Rosarito for a family barbecue (my parents own a vacation home there), since the weather was nice he suggested we make a weekend out of it and stay at Las Rocas Resort.

I was having a great time and didn't expect anything more than that from our little getaway...but to my surprise he had more in store for me, that evening as I stood on the balcony and watched the sunset, he ran to the car (using the excuse that he wanted to get some CDs) and hurried back in to catch the sun go down. I was so lost in the sunset I failed to notice that he was holding a box and there was an amazing ring in it! I nearly fainted! The family was expecting us on Sun for an engagement party, this was the first and probably only time when I had no idea what he was up to. Thank goodness!

M. L., San Diego, California
  He took me to the house that we were in the process of building and it was dark out. The box lit up when you opened it, so with my back to him, he opened it, causing me to turn around, and then got on one knee and proposed.

K. W., Rosemont, Illinois
  He called me outside to come see what our dog was doing. When I got outside he was on one knee with our dog. Then he asked if I would like to spend the rest of my life with the two of them. And of course I said yes!

J. F., San Diego, California

Submit your marriage proposal story here

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